First Post :)

I finally decide to make my very own blog where i plan to put my thoughts and feelings about anything here. Some of the reasons behind this is that firstly,  I have a quite active brain that always thinking about everything in details, and as a result, it makes me really difficult to fall asleep sometimes, so for this matter, I will try to write all the things in my mind here, and hopefully it will work 🙂

Secondly, i wanna share my views, feelings and emotions about every subjects and problems surrounds me with the readers with a hope that my writings can be source of inspirations, spirits and supports for whoever out there.

All the writings that will be put here are based on my perspective. To all of you who read my posts, you are very welcomed to disagree with me but please don’t judge 🙂

Last but not least, nice to meet you all!  We are not a stranger anymore 🙂